Wind turbines

According to SDLWindV, BDEW guideline including all four supplements and TransmissionCode 2007, onshore wind turbines on medium, high and very high voltage grid must be certified in Germany. The certification process of the onshore wind turbines is two-tiered:

  1. System Certificate (Planning Certificate)
  2. Declaration of Conformity for the power generation plant

We recommend grid assessment and studies in advance for the larger wind farms or mixed farms.

We assist you with all of your queries including repowering for the wind farms.

Since 1st April 2011, the power generation plants which are unable to meet the grid connection guidelines and the statutory requirements, cannot go online. Our MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH team have adequate knowledge and experience with the electrical properties of your power generation plants in accordance with the current statutory grid connection requirements. We will ensure that your wind turbine takes the leading role in the energy transition.

In the first phase, we issue the system certificate (planning certificate) in accordance with the technical guidelines of FGW (TR8) based on the positive results of our assessment for the grid connection, then the power generation plant can be used for the operation. This allows you to receive the remuneration for your project.

In the second phase, the final confirmation is provided by issuing the declaration of conformity for the power generation plant.

You can use the extensive experience of our employees in dealing with the legal grid connection requirements.

After commissioning of your wind turbines, the certification process is completed with the issuance of a declaration of conformity for the power generation plant. The system certificate only confirms that the power generating plant can basically meet the requirements of SDLWindV in connection with relevant current statutory grid connection requirements.

During the process of the declaration of conformity for the power generation plant, the planning certificate is verified for its implementation. The declaration of conformity is issued as evidence which finally confirms that the built power generation plant actually meets the requirements of SDLWindV at the grid connection point.

The system certificate (planning certificate) is initially valid until 6 months after the commissioning of last power generating unit of the respective power generation plant. The validity of the system certificate ends on the date of issue of the declaration of conformity for the power generation plant.

Reliability and cost effectiveness of the grid connection of your wind farm is especially important for you!

We provide necessary support during the planning phase:

  • Assessment of the power losses
  • Load flow and short circuit calculations
  • Dynamic calculations
  • Assessment of the network disturbances and
  • Confirmation of the reactive power capability.

With our expertise and experience, we bring reliable and optimal performance of your onshore, as well as your offshore wind power plants to the grid connection point according to the relevant technical guidelines.

Thus, you can use the extensive experience of our employees in dealing with the respective grid operators.

MKH Greenergy Cert GmbH