Grid integration

We offer consulting, planning and monitoring services in many areas of electrical power supply. We are specialized in grid integration of renewable energy systems (e.g. Wind, Photovoltaics and CHP systems etc.).

These services are provided solely for our customers working in international projects outside Germany.

Grid studies

Our advantages at a glance

•    Grid studies including the impacts of the renewable energy systems and the limitations according to the respective grid codes.

•    Computer-aided load-flow and short-circuit calculations for the power grid

•    Analysis of the power supply situation and possible measures for the feed-in-management

•    Support for the project planning, execution and also in operation

•    Power quality measurement and analysis of the grid related parameters (e.g. voltage quality in accordance with the respective standard)

•    Monitoring of the power quality and security of supply

•    Development of the grid codes and technical guidelines

•    Power generation management, load management and storage management

•    Feasibility of having own power generation unit with or without storage system in order to cover own load

•    Organization of the seminar and workshop on  diverse topics from the field of grid integration and renewable energy systems
•   „Power supply system based on grid-generator-load-storage – an intelligent system for the future“

Thus, you can use the extensive experience of our employees in dealing with the respective grid operators.

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